Design of Push Carts

To push and pull heavy loads with a cart

Risks associated with pushing and pulling of heavy loads

On 4-wheeled carts, swivel casters should be located on the handle end, so that they can be used on all 4 wheels. The casters themselves should be at least 4” in size. The wheel can be replaced with hard plastic or pneumatic tires. The bearing should be maintained regularly. Handle height should be in the range of 36”-42”. The handles should accommodate a pushing movement, as opposed to a pulling movement. Some equipment suggestions that accommodate these needs are the electric hand truck, the electric push cart, and the electric platform truck.

Electric hand truck - $ 3000-4000
Electric push cart - $1800
Electric platform truck - $1500

Evaluation of Intervention

  • Pros
  • Swivel casters on all 4 wheels will allow for maneuvering in very tight spaces
  • Harder casters decrease necessary force
  • Pneumatic tires reduce bumps, and are good for outdoor use
  • Cons
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Wheels cannot be easily adjusted to changes in terrain
  • Batteries require charging

Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Intervention

  • Reduction of Identified Risk Factor
  • No New Risk Factors Introduced
  • Productivity not Reduced
  • Low Cost
  • Total
  • 3/5
  • 5/5
  • 5/5
  • 3/5
  • 16/20

Other Possible Interventions

  • Tread and corrosion should be monitored
  • If vertical bar handles are used, they should be about 18” apart.

Submitted by Chris Shulenberger, CPE; Clayton Group Semis, Inc.