Consulting Services


UC Ergonomics Lab Consulting Services

Our team has expertise in design, data analysis, job analysis, intervention assessment and education and we provide a variety services for regional, national and international companies.  Below is a list of services that we can provide.  

Typically, we provide consultation services on a project basis to address more complicated workplace challenges.  Our state of the art lab equipment allows us to measure and analyze problems using a more comprehensive and quantitative approach.  

However, for smaller companies with ergonomic challenges and no budget, students can assist as part of their academic experience.  Ergonomic assessments can be performed as part of our spring semester Occupational Biomechanics Course and projects can be taken on through independent study.  Students are all mentored by faculty and senior staff on their projects.  

Additionally, all students are placed in a semester long (one day/week) or 8-week summer internship in local companies of all industries as part of their field experience.

For more information on Consulting Services including student based ergonomic analyses, projects, or internships please contact us.